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kret yyy... nie

Azali znów nas wydymali?

wyborcza.pl: Polski Kret wbija się w Marsa. Na rekordową głębokość
Dzisiaj Kret powinien zagłębić się na ponad pół metra, a docelowo - aż na 5 m. Nikt jeszcze nie wbił się tak głęboko pod powierzchnię Marsa.

Nicknamed the 'Mole' and provided by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the instrument is designed to measure the heat flow from the interior of Mars as it burrows into the planet. German boffins reckon the thing got between 18 and 50 cm down over a four hour period and 4,000 hammer blows.

Nasa InSight probe: Mars 'mole' hits blockage in its burrow
HP3 is a German-led experiment on the Nasa Mars lander
The US space agency lander's HP3 "mole" was designed to dig up to 5m into the ground and began burrowing last week.
But controllers back on Earth called a halt to operations when no progress was being made despite repeated hammering.

Nie bardzo.

The Mole penetrometer was developed at the DLR Institute of Space Systems. It draws upon earlier developments at DLR and in Russia. An earlier version of the probe was built at the former DLR Institute of Space Simulation in Cologne as a sample collector for the Beagle II lander – flown as part of the Mars Express mission – which crashed onto the Martian surface in 2003. The hammering mechanism for the HP3 mole was developed by Astronika in Warsaw, Poland.

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